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No Fear No Favour

That’s how cricketers are made by politicians in India.

What comes to your mind when you heard of the word ‘Cricket’, the most celebrated and recreational game enjoyed by Indians of all ages. This game has a long history of entertaining and participation by Indians since centuries ago. Britishers bought this game to India and taught us the rules and regulations.

Cricket was originated in south-east England. During Initial days, it was just enjoyed among the Britishers only but very soon it became popular in other countries as well like India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Australia, West Indies, and Bangladesh. After it gained popularity the international format of cricket took place where the different country participates under a tournament and compete, the highest run-scoring team is declared the winner.

For a country to compete and win, it needs an extra-ordinary talent and to squeeze the best talent out of a country there is a constituted body of cricket association for every state. Every state cricket association has a chief and this time there is a replacement of several chiefs from Tamilnadu, Himachal Pradesh, Rajasthan, and Saurashtra (Saurashtra and Kutch region of Gujarat).

Former ICC chairman and BCCI president N. Srinivasan’s daughter Rupa Mayappan is new Tamilnadu Cricket Association (TNCA) chief, Anurag Thakur’s brother Arun Singh Thakur Thakur could be new Himachal Pradesh Cricket Association (HPCA), Ashok Gehlot’s son Vaibhav Gehlot could be Rajasthan Cricket Association (RCA) chief, Niranjan Shah’s kin will be Saurashtra Cricket Association (SCA) chief.

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