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Renuka Chowdhury denies her daughter’s involvement in drugs case.

The sensational Drugs case busted in 2017, which is dubbed as Tollywood Drugs Case is still sending shocking waves as the Enforcement Directorate is probing the matter aggressively as it received the required information and pieces of evidence from the Telangana Excise Department. The celebrities who are named in the case are likely to go through the grilling for one more time.

At a time when people are still talking about the much-talked-about case, a rave party was busted by the Task Force Department on Sunday. Upon receiving credible information, the cops raided the pub and arrested around 150 members who were present inside the pub when they raided the establishment.

Though nothing is confirmed yet, media reports are abuzz that many big names are involved in this as kids of MPs, MLAs and even former legislators were arrested in connection with the case, but their names were kept secret due to various reasons.

One such name that is reportedly connected to the case is Tejaswini, who is the daughter of Congress leader and former Union Minister Renuka Chowdhury. The establishment is believed to be run by Tejaswini, as per the info shared by the media reports. It is also believed that she was arrested by the cops.

With the reports getting momentum, Renuka Chowdhury had reacted to the rumors and rubbished all the reports. While denying the involvement of her daughter in the case, the ex-Union Minister Renuka Chowdhury made it clear that her daughter has nothing to do with the issue and there is no truth in the reports.

Having said that, Renuka Chowdhury maintained that contrary to what is being said in the reports, the establishment doesn’t belong to her daughter and she was not arrested by the concerned cops in connection with the case.

Unhappy with the news being spread, Renuka Chowdhury smelled a big conspiracy behind this and opined that someone is doing this purposefully to tarnish the image and reputation her family is enjoying.

“I condemn the news coming in the media about my daughter Tejaswini Chowdhury. There is no truth in the news and I want to clear one thing, she was not arrested by the cops. I am appealing to one and all to not believe such false narratives,” Renuka Chowdary said.

By line: Divya Thearia

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