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On marriage anniversary BigB shared a memory disclosing how their marriage took place

Today the duo Amitabh Bachchan and Jaya Bachchan has completed and are celebrating 46th marriage anniversary. Abhishek Bachchan shared a photo of his parents with caption “Happy Anniversary to the parentals! 
Love you both eternally. #46andcounting.”

Senior Bachchan has shared memory of their marriage in his official blog. Amitabh Bachchan wrote, “There are just few moments left in our marriage anniversary and i’m glad to receive congratulatory messages in advance, right-now Jaya Ji is in London but i’ll send everyone affection to her.” In his blog he further described his sweet memory related to their marriage. Read his full blog:

विवाह जयंती को बस अब कुछ ही क्षण रह गए हैं  । बहुत से लोगों ने बधाई भेजी है ; उन्हें मैं धन्यवाद देता हूँ । जया तो विदेश में हैं , लेकिन आपका स्नेह आदर उन्हें पहुँचा  दूँगा  🌹

I lived on the 7th Road of this society .. on a rented house .. marriage had been decided among us .. nothing to be exaggerated or celebrated with any aplomb .. just the two families and .. done .. off to London, my first trip ever and hers too .. Zanjeer a success and a promise that if it did well we would all – a gang of our friends – would go on a holiday to London ! Seeking or rather informing parents that we were a group of friends going to England .. who all are going come to the query from Babuji .. names disclosed .. Jaya is also going with you .. you both are alone .. yes .. if you have to go marry and go .. ok .. pandit and family informed .. next day all set .. flight at night .. marriage to finish before the flight ..  I dress up in formal marriage Indian .. get into my car and want to drive to Malabar Hill where her friends lived and where the ceremony was to be done .. my driver Nagesh, pushes me out and insist he would drive me to the wedding .. the substitute for the tradition horse ..  Waiting all set at Mangal, the name of the house on rent on the 7th road JVPD Scheme .. and it begins to drizzle .. neighbours rush out to me .. leave for the wedding now .. the rain is a good omen .. off I went .. wedding over in a few hours .. done .. Mr and Mrs proclaimed .. over !! Thank you all in my advance response of the wishes for the 3rd June .. I am grateful for your love and affection and remembrance ..  .. and the Sunday overwhelms  … the love of the nearest and the dearest .. may need to pay back this overwhelming debt .. but I know I never will .. work at an early hour tomorrow so good night .. and keep by my side ..❤️

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