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New Reservation Quota for cows in IIT: Street cow enters IIT Classroom

Street cow enters IIT Classroom

Recently an incident was shot by a student of a cow roaming in the IIT Bombay classroom. Head of the department should announce a new reservation quota for stray cattle. This is an embarrassing moment for the department of the college, therefore the director of IIT Bombay apologises for such nuisance students have faced.

This 20-second video has gone so viral and is trending on twitter. Students are seen excited and tried to shoo the cattle outside in order to maintain the decency of the classroom. According to the reports of “The Hindu” newspaper on 11th July, a student was attacked by 2 bulls in the same college. The department says that the cow entered because it was raining heavily outside. Security guards of college are ordered to get more alert and any major action against the animals interpose into the campus with the help of NGO working for street animal welfare.

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