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Justice Prevailed – Rape and murder accused convicted under POSCO act: Learn More

There is a saying “Good always triumphs over evil.” The same has happened in the case of shelter homeowner and politician Brijesh Thakur. Today Delhi court has convicted him under the POSCO act and gang rape for murder and operation of a sex racket.

In May 2019, the Bihar police found that 11 women and four children were missing from the shelter home ran by Brijesh Thakur from the Muzaffarpur red-light area, called Chaturbhuj Sthan.

The first shelter, Seva Sankalp Samiti, has been shut since June 2019 when police arrested 10 people, including the owner, after investigations showed girls had been abused.

“When the girls used to become pregnant after sexual abuse, they were forced to undergo abortions in this operation theater in the shelter home,” said public prosecutor Sangita Sahni. The charge sheet cites the statements of the 32 victims who were raped over several months. The police said that 67 medicines were used to drug the girls before they were raped. The girls were injected with medicines meant for epileptics to make them unconscious before the sexual abuse.

The first FIR registered in May names Thakur as one of the prime accused in the rapes. The victims have told the police at length about three men who terrorized. They have mentioned a “turned wale Netaji (paunchy politician), mooch wale uncle (mustached man) and hunterwale uncle (uncle with a whip)” who used to abuse them regularly. During the police investigation, the victims identified Brajesh Thakur as “hunterwale uncle”. The charge sheet, however, does not identify the other two people.

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