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It is International Yoga Day and our favorite celebrities are sharing their pictures, what Asana are you planning for Yoga Day?

Top 10 Unexpected Health Benefits of Yoga | Shape

Yoga’s value in modern life is undeniable. Yoga instructs us on how to live a healthy lifestyle. It helps us focus, be more creative, and remember things better. Another benefit of yoga in modern life is that it strengthens our muscles, increases our stamina, and enhances our immune and mental health. It combines physical and mental disciplines to achieve a serene body and mind; it aids in stress management and relaxation.

Yoga can help with this by reducing tension and increasing confidence, which can help clear your mind and provide you calm. Many students discover that yoga helps them control their emotions and improves their capacity to deal with difficult situations.

Yoga is a technique that aids in the control of one’s mind, body, and soul. It also aids in the development of flexibility, muscular strength, and body tone.

Following its establishment at the United Nations General Assembly in 2014, the International Day of Yoga has been observed yearly on June 21st since 2015. Yoga is an ancient Indian physical, mental, and spiritual discipline.

PM Modi introduced the concept of International Yoga Day during his speech to the United Nations General Assembly on September 27, 2014. India’s Ambassador, Ashoke Kumar Mukerji, sponsored a resolution at the United Nations declaring June 21 as International Yoga Day.

The day promotes public awareness of the value of yoga and its effects on people’s health.
‘Yoga for well-being – how the practice of Yoga may improve the health status of every individual,’ is the topic of International Yoga Day 2021. See how our favorite celebrities are celebrating the day!

The all rounder Shilpa Shetty is striking a pose to give you serenity and make you love yoga in simple step! We see Shilpa encouraging us to continue Yoga even after International Day of Yoga is done!
In the reel, she is performing Bhramari Pranayama.
It helps you achieve inner serenity, which leads to self-healing. The Bhramari Pranayama helps to relieve hypertension by lowering blood pressure. It is recommended as a nightly routine yoga for better sleep because it relieves cerebral strain. It relaxes the muscles and calms the nerves.

Our favorite Dhak Dhak girl wearing a pink t-shirt and tights and makes the pose look so easy! I guess this is the secret of her endless beauty! Madhuri Dixit has been sharing a mini series in the honor of Yoga International Day, for the last Asana, she shared A balancing stance which is is Eka Pada Pranamasana. Because the entire weight is supported on one leg, it aids in the development of balance.
This technique develops awareness since if the mind wanders during the practice, the balance can be lost. Many muscles in the foot, ankle, lower legs, thighs, and lower back must work together to balance.
It strengthens the leg, foot, and ankle muscles.

Dharamvir Malhotra also “Daddy Cool” from Dilwale Dulhania Le jayege has a beautiful caption to honor the day! Anupam Kher uploaded a picture and captioned it “In my personal life, yoga has not only kept me physically balanced but has also given me the mental strength to deal with any situation. Wishing you all a very Happy International Yoga Day. This gift of India to the world is unique.”

The Pataudi girl, the aankh maarein girl is twinning with Dhak-Dhak girl! She went on Instagram and posted this beautiful picture! For Sara Ali Khan, Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self! It brings peace, positivity and serenity!

The Haseena Maan Jaayegi girl is sharing and adding her own little masala to yoga! She is doing Ardha Sirsasana which can be used in flow yoga sequences to assist improve energy levels in the body. Ardha Sirsasana is beneficial to the following muscles and can thus be included in yoga sequences that focus on those muscles: Back of the neck Back of the neck.

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