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Innocence questioned mindset: When a 13-year old raped 4-year old

Tragedy prevailed when the four-year-old girl was raped by a thirteen-year-old boy in the village, situated near Sangat in Bathinda district. After committing the crime, the boy consumed poison, out of shame and has been to a hospital in Dabwali in Haryana.

The girl and the boy were the neighbors of each other. The boy took the girl to his house and raped her, on Thursday evening. Sangat SHO Baltej Singh said, “The girl’s mother said that the boy took the girl to his house, and after a while when she did not come back, she went there and realized that her innocent daughter had been raped.” According to the SHO, the information regarding the consumption of poison had been revealed by the counterparts of Haryana.

It is very shameful, that a thirteen-year-old, does not have control over himself, of committing such an inhumane crime. Unless and until, we aim to alter the mindset of the origin, from where such a heart-wrenching crime takes its birth, we would never be able to demolish it. The question is not only about the crime, but the boy who raped the girl, was also a child. we need to analyze his mindset and the events(any) that influenced him, negatively, to take such an awful step.

We need to consider the factors, that are hindering and obstructing the innocence of the child to remain at his consistency. A four-year-old girl now has a horrendous scar on her mindset, which no one would ever be able to erase. We need to question, to reach a solution, which would be completely dismissible.

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