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“Her mother and brother falsely accused me and three others.”: Hathras accused.

By Ishank Katyal

Hathras: Sandeep Thakur, the upper caste boy who is the main accused in the alleged torture and gang rape of a 19- year old Dalit girl in Uttar Pradesh’s Hathras has written his statement to UP Police. In the letter, he claimed that he and his three accused friends are being dragged in the case to and seeks “justice” for four men. He also accused the victim’s mother and brother of torturing her.

The accused wrote in the handwritten letter in Hindi that he and the victim were “friends” and her family knew about him. “Apart from the meeting, we also talked on the phone once in a while,” he wrote on Wednesday. The letter also has the thumb prints of all accused.

The UP police had also claimed that there are call records between the victim’s brother and the main accused. There are some 104 calls made between victim’s brother and Sandeep.

Thakur also wrote in the letter that victim’s family was against their friendship and beats her up to end the friendship with them.

“On the day of the incident, I went to visit her in the fields where her brother and mother were present too. I returned home after she said to do so. I then started feeding my cattle. I later got to know from the villagers that her mother and brothers beat her up over our friendship. Her mother and brothers made false allegations against me and my three other friends to send us to jail. I have never beaten her or caused any harm to her.” He wrote in the letter.

Senior Superintendent of Aligarh Jail told reporters today that they sent the letter to the Hathras Superintendent of police… they have put forth their version. Now the investigating agencies will see.”

However, the victim’s father has denied all the allegations made by the accused in the letter and told NDTV that they are trying to malign them.

The Dalit girl was sexually assaulted by four upper caste men on September 14, 2020. She died last Tuesday with some dreadful injuries like multiple fractures broken neck and spinal cord and a gash in her tongue.

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