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Engaged over a phone call, Indo groom and Pak Bride appeals to PM Modi for Visa for marriage

By Purvi Jain

A Pakistan named girl Sumaila and a Jalandhar named boy Kamal Kalyan who had their engagement done online in 2018, have sought  PM Modi to grant visas to Sumaila and her family for their wedding ceremony.

The marriage which was scheduled the marriage for March got delayed due to COVID-19 and lockdown. Sumaila has urged PM Modi to allow a visa for her and her family.

She wants to get married as soon as the Indian government grants visa services. On a phone call, she said, “Kalyan has prepared the papers for visa sponsorship. But he was unable to send these papers to Pakistan due to COVID-19 lockdown. I urge the government of India that both countries should issue visa services in the matter of marriage and open the borders.”

However, Kamal Kalyan from Jalandhar also said, “I appeal to PM Narendra Modi to grant a visa to Sumaila so she can come to India and we can get married. I had completed the requisite paperwork but the process was stalled due to corona lockdown.”

Image Source: ANI

They both haven’t met so far. They communicate over the call. On January 26, 2018, their families agreed on the relationship and got them engaged over a video call. The father of Kalam, Om Prakash says that Sumaila is the daughter of his cousin Asiya.

He said, “Sumaila is the daughter of my cousin Asiya so I decided to fix this relationship. My son got engaged but he could not get married due to lockdown.”

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