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Delhi Court judge Rekha Rani refused alimony to wife instead asked her to earn

Under section 36 of our constitution during divorce, both husband and wife can ask for alimony from each other. Whoever is the earning member will have to pay alimony to her better half. As per our Indian culture husband pays the alimony in most of the cases but in Delhi a unique divorce took place. Wife demanded alimony of 12 thousand rupees from her husband. What husband did is really hilarious. He said in front of high court judge that he is ready to pay the alimony but on a genuine basis. He added that my wife is more qualified than me. She is a Gold Medalist in Science and she can find a better job than. She can earn more than me then why should I pay her alimony.

Delhi Judge after hearing to the plea of the husband. She said no alimony would be granted to the wife instead she asked her to earn. After Rekha Rani advice to her to find a job, the wife added that she had never traveled the city alone. She added I had always asked him to accompany me but he always refused. Judge Rekha Rani found her excuse distasteful and bogus and she refused her plea rather asked her to earn instead of asking for alimony.

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