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Anupam Kher will launch his own autobiography this year – Learn More

Anupam Kher will launch his own autobiography this year – Learn More

Bollywood’s one of ace actor Anupam Kher has always been open about his success and failures in his 36-year-long career. Now the actor is on the process of penning down his life from the start as an autobiography.

The autobiography covers almost all aspects of his life. The paperback is expected to launch this year. It will cover the actor’s life from the beginning of his professional career, his success, failures and the less-known side of his personal life.

According to the reports of Times of India, the actor told, “Yes, the autobiography will be out this year, it took three years for me to write it. Now that I am ready with book, I will launch it this year”.

Celebrities usually don’t open up about their personal life of the professional front of how much struggle they went through and much more but with Anupam Kher, it is little bit different.

“I’ve never held myself back in life, so there is nothing to hold back in the book. Yes! People do feel hesitant to tell the truths because they might not want to be judged or hurt someone but I think that experiences should be shared to the world. I have kept the same in my mind while writting my book, I’ve written every possible lessons that life has taught me till now”, said Anupam Kher.

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