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An 11-months-old toddler patient insisted doll be plastered first and Doctor Obeyed her

A two-year-old toddler Zikra Malik got a fracture in her tighs and it became approximately impossible for orthopedic doctors of Lok Narayan Hospital to tackle her as she was continuously moving her body. Doctors wanted her to be steady to operate surgery but her continuous movement was creating complications.

Zikra fell off the bed at her residence in Delhi Gate on August 17, fracturing her left leg. The family rushed her to the hospital, where doctors suggested putting her on gallows traction.

“Even at home, she is always moving from one place to another and it’s impossible to make her sit down for five minutes. On the first day at the hospital, she wasn’t ready to lie down on the bed. She kept moving and doctors asked us to keep her legs straight for proper alignment. Then I asked my husband to get her favorite doll to the hospital. We just thought of putting Pari in the same position as Zikra — and it worked,” said Fareen, her mother.

“She feels someone is lying down next to her. Even at home, we would treat the doll in the same manner as her since Zikra considers it her friends,” said her father Mohd Shehzaad, who runs a vegetable shop in Okhla mandi.

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