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Malayalam magzine breaks taboo; Features model breastfeeding child

A lot of brands run campaigns every now and then to show how much they care about this world, women empowerment and real progressiveness. Unfortunately, they never really do anything when its time.

Like many came forward to write on their individual account that they won’t entertain women harassment, but when the time came up to stand for #MeToo campaign, no one came forward. Providentially, not everyone is travelling in the same boat.

Leading magazine Grihalakshmi recently broke society norms and what a non-liberal person would call a social taboo by showing a woman looking in the reader’s eye while she was breastfeeding her child.

Translation – “Do not stare at us while we are breastfeeding”

In the picture, model, actor and writer Gilu Joseph profusely challenge stereotypes and the standards of our misogynist world. With this picture, she has questioned societal standards on the cover of this Malayalam fortnightly magazine.

Source: Indiatimes

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