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Covid-19: Story of another unsung covid warrior.

Byline By- Aaliya Sultana

With the coming of the pandemic, we have been poisoned to only pay attention to the stories that create negative emotions. We hardly see any stories that can help spread positivity.

To sprinkle some positivity, we came out with the segment ‘The Unsung Warriors that need our attention and appreciation’. Previously, we covered the story of a 9 year old Activist and today we cover the story of the girl living in Mumbai who has been devoting her time to call and verify about the resources availability shared to her via various people.

Srijana is a 21 year old student who is enrolled in Bachelors in Computer Science and residing in Nagpur. She uses Whatsapp as a way to communicate and connect with Hospitals, Organisations, and People who have been amplifying resources for Covid-19 and then she dials these numbers to check the current status and see how much of it is verified and makes sure that this isn’t a scam. We had a very interactive conversation with her. As for her picture, she wants to stay anonymous because she believes that the internet doesn’t need to see her face and just know her story

She says ‘It’s a nice feeling, I feel fortunate to be able to do something and make a change. It feels great to see that I was able to contribute something, that my efforts somewhere are making someone smile. As a part of Gen Z, I feel honoured to be able to use my platform and make a difference.’

Along with this, the reason she uses whatsapp to verify leads is because that everyone she knows is mostly connected to her through Whatsapp and the fact that not everyone is able to access Social Media is where she becomes their bridge of communication and she also believes that, it is very difficult for someone who already is an emergency to dial up millions of number and hence we the people need to do it and cross-check the leads. In the end, she feels blessed to have such means to use her platform in a wise way and ended the conversation with the quote ‘Part of being a person is about helping others.’

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