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The email copy Rahul is showing doesn’t have any connection with Rafael- Anil Ambani

The email copy Rahul is showing doesn’t have any connection with Rafael- Anil Ambani

After the allegations of Congress president Rahul Gandhi, the answer from Reliance has arrived. Reliance has said that the e-mail addressed by Rahul did not have any relation with Rafael Deal. It was an e-mail between Airbus and Reliance Defense and the MoU being talked about was between Reliance and Airbus helicopter. This MoU has no relation to the Rafael deal.

Congress President Rahul Gandhi on Tuesday once again questioned Prime Minister Narendra Modi on the pretext of the Rafael issue by making a press conference on Tuesday. He cited an email and said that 10 days before signing the Rafael deal, Anil Ambani met the Defense Minister of France and had said that when the PM comes, then there will be a MOU (Rafael deal) sign. Rahul said before the deal was signed, neither the then Defense Minister of India knew neither HAL nor Foreign Minister, but 10 days before Rafael Deal, Anil Ambani knew about this deal. This means that Anil Ambani was working as a middleman. On this basis, Prime Minister Modi should be prosecuted for sharing the top secret with anyone, he should be sent to jail. This is a case of sedition.

What is written in the email?

‘For your information, talk to C. Salomon (Salman, JY Le Drying Consultant who was present in the meeting held on Monday). Ambani came to the Minister’s Office this week (his visit was secret and was already fixed). In the meeting, he (Ambani) told that he wants to work on commercial helos first with AH and later in the defense sector. He (Ambani) told that an MoU is being prepared which will be signed during Prime Minister’s visit’.

Who wrote the email to?

This email was written by Guiliam Fauri, the then CEO of Airbus, to the company’s Asia Sales Head Montex and Philip. Its copy was sent to Shli, Clive, Modet, Dominic, Chomsey and Nicholas.

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