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Selena Gomez makes a big revelation,Says Past Boyfriends have made her feel ‘less and not equal’

Singer – Actress – Entrepreneur Selena Gomez has chosen the word ‘Rare’ for the 2020 album, her neck tattoo, and also her beauty brand for a reason. In a recent interview with Vogue Australia, the singer and actress opened up about how she’s reflected on her past relationships and how her experiences have changed the way she looks at things now. For the unversed Selena Gomez is the cover star of Vogue Australia for June 2021.

The singer reveals what she felt was missing in her relationships.The singer has had a number of high-profile romances and breakups over the past decade, including with pop sensation Justin Bieber and the Weeknd. Although, she didn’t call out any of her exes by name, but she said that she believes her past relationships were cursed and that she never felt equal to a romantic partner.

Selena Gomez with Justin Bieber
Selena Gomez with The Weeknd

‘I’ve been way too young to be exposed to certain things when I was in relationships,’ she said. ‘I think most of my experiences in relationships have been cursed.’

The former Disney star went on to explain why she titled her 2020 album and new makeup line ‘Rare’, confirming the word has a sentimental meaning for her. ‘I guess I needed to find what was that word for me, because I felt so less than in past relationships, and never really felt equal,’ she added.

‘I just said this is what I want to feel about myself. So it wasn’t even necessarily like: “Oh, I feel that way, let me sing it.” It was almost like: “Actually, I need to feel that way about myself.”‘

Selena’s love life has always been in the limelight, be it her on and off relationship with Justin Bieber until their final split or her brief relationship with The Weeknd.

Meanwhile, Selena looked incredible as she posed on the cover page of the magazine, wearing a futuristic gold ensemble with bold makeup and slicked-back hair.

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