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India-Iran relations: What is going to happen and what is expected?

One area of ​​the whole world in which the Trump administration had a lot of impacts is ‘Iran’. This is the reason that with the election of the new President in the US, the impact on its relationship with Iran is being discussed the most.

The Trump administration’s policy was to put more and more pressure on Iran and with the decision to withdraw from the 2015 nuclear treaty, they also started implementing it. Prior to Trump, the nuclear deal with Iran was a very important issue in the Obama administration’s foreign policy.

If Iran agrees to agree to all the terms of the nuclear deal, then the newly elected US President Joe Biden may decide to rejoin it. Biden has already indicated this.

It is clear that Iran wants the snow to melt in the relationship between the two countries and for this, it has started the initiative. But before the Foreign Minister’s statement, Iran’s supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamani wrote on Twitter on November 7, “The state of elections in America and what is being said about it is nothing short of a spectacle in itself. These examples Are the bad face of American democracy. Whatever the outcome of the election, the politics of American rule. This is the obvious result of civil and moral degradation. “

What will happen to the future of the nuclear deal with Iran? In order to find the answer to all three statements, one has to know about the sanctions imposed on Iran.
In March 2007, the UN Security Council banned Iran for the arms trade. The council also banned the movement of all those involved in Iran’s nuclear program and freeze their assets.
A ban was also imposed in 2010 that Iran could not buy heavy weapons such as invading helicopters and missiles.

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