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Bigg Boss 14: This Bigg Boss Contestant has been evicted from the House Due to Physical Violence?

Byline by – Vinayak Heliwal

Bigg Boss 14 had just got interesting with the entry of challengers in the Bigg Boss house and it looks like the challenges are getting way too involved in the game.

The constant showdown between Challengers Vikas Gupta and Arshi Khan doesn’t seem to slow down as both are leaving no stone unturned in revealing their grudges.

Ever since they have entered the house, they have been constantly at loggerheads. And if recent reports are to be believed then Vikas Gupta might have been evicted from the show for physical violence against Arshi Khan.

Vikas reportedly pushed Arshi Khan, for which he was told to exit the show. As it is against the show roles to be violent with a co-contestant.

According to the reports Vikas Gupta was evicted for pushing Arshi Khan into the swimming pool .the two have been at each other’s throats in recent days. After Vikas predicted Arshi would be voted out of the show, she demanded an audience with Bigg Boss ‘ Ab ye Shilpa Shinde ban Rahi hai,’ Vikas had said.

Vikas and Arshi have also come close to blows in the past. After an altercation, Arshi hit him and he responded similarly. Soon, Eijaz Khan intervened and stopped them both from getting into an ugly fight. Vikas said, “How dare you! Are you mad? She is hitting me.” Arshi yelled, “Don’t touch me!”

Earlier, During the Weekend Ka Vaar episode Salman got into a heated back and forth with Arshi after she accused him of humiliating her. She said that she had expected Salman to make fun of her lips. Salman said that he will not stand for such accusations. When Arshi said that she was just joking, Salman said that he hopes that every contestant on the show leaves respectfully, and because he does not like jokes like this, it would be better if Arshi didn’t speak to him at all.

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