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No Fear No Favour

Ananya Panday thinks adulting is overrated and we relate so much! Check out her newest post for ONLYxMickey collection!

These days, the world seems to be shifting towards a culture of instant gratification. People are expected to start at square one and quickly transform into their ideal selves. So this collection I think will be the best when you want to let loose a little and try something different other than formal pieces!

Ananya has a very lively personality and she thinks that ‘Adulting is overrated,’ as per her newest Instagram post for Only! And we could not agree more. Ananya has come up with a partnership with Only named ONLYxMickey! This collection basically focuses on “carefree charm with a blend of playful grunge” as stated in the caption by them! This is a versatile t-shirt that can transform from a soft girl look to grunge so whatever may be your aesthetic this should be the no.1 tee in your wardrobe!!

Ananya is wearing X MICKEY BEIGE ALL OVER PRINT SWEATSHIRT and X MICKEY BEIGE MID RISE ALL OVER PRINT SHORT, both priced at Rs.2499. She has opted for the half bun hairstyle with no makeup. She is basically enjoying herself with the black and white piece and has a diary with a cover of “Evil Plans and Stuff”.

As this trend comes to life, you’ll be able to find these very pieces in the newest drop from ONLY. Head on over to their Instagram for more images and text about the new line!

The way Ananya has styled the look is very laid back and comfy we are confident that this look can go very well for your virtual slumber party or to make a quick glam transition reels for the influencers. The print of the tee is very decent and screams “comfy”.
Who knows it can also become a glam piece for a date night or the weddings or maybe for your workplace if styled right.

Ananya has a very quirky and soft girl style, her Instagram can be a source of inspiration with outfits from cute mom jeans to a tank turtle neck top!

There can be alternative ways to this, whatever suits your aesthetic can be your playful look. Do not be afraid to try out such new fun and soft looks!

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