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Sunny Leone celebrates 2nd birthday of her fidgets Noah and Ashar: Learn More

Sunny Leone celebrates his son’s Noah and Ashar’s second birthday. Star kids are dominated by Bollywood these days, more than the stars, their children are in the eyes of Paparazzi. Not only this, star kids munchinks pictures become viral on social media as soon as they hit social networking sites.

On her fidgets second birthday, she shared a cute and adorable photo of her family on Instagram with a caption stating, “Happy 2nd Birthday to my baby boys! You both bring so much joy and happiness to my world every single day. Every time you smile, laugh, play, jump, dance, sing and say, mama, my heart melts every time! God Bless you both my little angels from God!.”

Sunny has adopted daughter Nisha, and her two sons are Noah and Ashar. Last year also Sunny celebrated the birthday of both of his sons. Sunny shared a collage video of her children and also wrote an emotional post.

Sunny Leoni wrote – “Sometimes words can not express emotion. For a year, Noah and Ashar were very special. Nisha is her best sister. You are the light of my life. I wake up every morning for you. Your smile, hug, what and cry also gives me pleasure. Happy Birthday. ‘ to my two little bundles of joy!! My mantra to myself every day to enjoy every sec I have with my family. “I am here, I am now, In the here, In the now.”

Let me tell you that Sunny Leone has adopted Nisha from Latur in Maharashtra. When Sunny adopted, she was only 21 months old at that time. While adopting Nisha Sunny said that she fell in love with Nisha just after a glimpse of watching her.

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