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Bollywood’s ‘FASHION QUEEN’ Sonam Kapoor, turns 35 today

By Vanshika Thakur

Born in a family that had their roots in the world of showbiz, fame should have come naturally to Sonam Kapoor. However, she never thought of becoming an actress . She worked as an assistant director for the esteemed filmmaker Sanjay Leela Bhansali of Bollywood, in his 2005 film ‘Black’. The actress wanted to be a director but eventually had her first film ‘Sawariyaa’ opposite Ranbir kapoor.

Apart from films and television, Sonam Kapoor’s sense of fashion is incredible and you can’t deny looking at her outfits. She is an actress and all of her outfits look amazing. She is being credited as one of the most fashionable celebrities in India. She has provided numerous hit films and received numerous awards for her work. Her outfits are stunning and everyone want to steal them. Her height is fantastic making her look even more stunning.

What’s more is that Sonam Kapoor is the only actress in Bollywood who had appeared in ‘Coldplay’s’ music video.

So on the special occasion of her BIRTHDAY, let’s have a look at her stunning pictures over the years :-

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