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Balrampur Gangrape case – Police forced the family to cremate the deceased victim body at nigh: Know More

The distance from Balrampur district headquarters to Majhauli village is about 50 kilometers. On the evening of 29 September, a 22-year-old Dalit community student was brutally beaten up after alleged gang rape and died before reaching the hospital.

On the complaint of the deceased girl’s brother, the police arrested two people on the same day and arrested two people on Friday. At the same time, the family alleges that the police are deliberately trying to suppress the case or to crack it.

Not only this, it is also alleged by the family that the administration forced the dead girl to be cremated at 9 pm on 30 September.

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The victim’s mother says, “We have been told for three days to wait. We will not wait even a day now. We need justice immediately.”
The family alleges that the people who were arrested by the police on the first day, are not only the same people but some other people are also guilty in this case. Although on the basis of the fear of family members on Friday evening, the police also arrested two other people, they are not satisfied with this much.

Balrampur Superintendent of Police Deoranjan Verma says, “The family cremated voluntarily and performed it themselves. There was no pressure from anyone. The police were definitely there but for the purpose of maintaining law and order, not to create any pressure.” for.”

But when his maternal grandfather at the victim’s house starts saying that the police did not pressurize us for the last rites, other members of the house strongly oppose him.

He says, “How not to create pressure? We wanted to do it in the morning. They forced us to do it right away. Kotwal saheb said that now do the last rites, all your demands will be accepted. But even one of our demands Not considered. The real accused could not be caught. “

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