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IPL 2021: TOP 10 New Rules Introduced by BCCI in IPL 14.

Byline By- Vinayak Heliwal

The new season of the Indian Premier League (IPL) is all set to get underway on April 9 and the arrivals of players at the respective host cities have already begun.

With IPL 2021 days away from kick-off, BCCI has made major rule changes in its updated guidelines.

The new season will see strict protocols as well as a few tweaks in the existing rules to make the tournament more conducive to present times.

Here is a list of rules that IPL 2021 would be played under.

1.Soft signals – For the unversed Indian skipper, Virat Kohli had recently spoken about the need to remove the soft signals when referring to a decision to the third umpire and this point has been discussed by the BCCI as they have done away with soft signals for the upcoming IPL.

In its updated playing for this IPL, The BCCI has clearly stated that the onfield officials would not be allowed to give soft signals when referring a decision to the third umpire.

When one looks at the new playing rules for IPL 2021, Onfield Umpire giving Soft signals while referring the decision to the 3rd Umpire will not be applicable. The decision to remove the soft signal has been taken so that the third umpire can make the best possible decision without keeping the onfield call in mind.

2.Short Run – In the case of Short Run, the third Umpire will check the short run and overturn the decision made by the on-field umpires. The short runs become a huge debating point last year in the match between Punjab Kings and Delhi Capitals.

3.Match Timings – As a measure to control the match Timings, the 20th Over in each Innings is now included in 90 minutes, earlier the 20th over was to start on or before the 90th minute.

4.No Ball Decision – In updated guidelines, the third Umpire can overrule the no-ball decision made by the on-field umpire.

5.Bearing their Own Expenses – The Various IPL franchises have been asked to bear the expenses of their overseas players who will fly in from different parts of the world like the Caribbean, UK, Europe, South Africa, Brazil, and the Middle East.

6. Bubble to Bubble Transfer – To reduce the load of quarantine, the players involved in current India- England Series will be allowed to move to the IPL bubble directly in a bubble to Bubble Transfer at the end of the ongoing series.

7. Separate Check-in Counters – To ensure maximum security to the players, separate check-in counters will be placed at the hotel’s so that players remain separated from outside elements throughout their transit from rooms to field.

8. Three RT- PCR Test Needed for Entering Bubble – All the players and franchise owners will need to go through three RT- PCR tests when they travel from one bubble to another. Only if they clear the test, will they be allowed to move into a bubble.

9. No Contact between BCCI officials and Players – Members of the BCCI top management will not be entering any bubble, hence they would not be allowed to meet any of those who are in the bubble, be it, players or officials.

10. Immediate Replacement of Balls – While research has indicated that cricket balls are not likely dangerous carriers for Coronavirus, but to eliminate the risk it has been decided if a ball goes into the stands or outside the ground, it would be immediately replaced.

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