Smriti Irani challenge, Congress MP Rahul Gandhi for a public debate.

In this situation where the whole country is under serious danger, every day innocent citizens are suffering because of the protest for the new amendment bill. This time every part of the country is being lighted by the protester. Everyone is against police actions. In India, there is no support of the public to any of the pillars of democracy.

Indian economy growth rate is decreasing day by day, more and more people are becoming unemployed. Inflation, pollution, rapes, corruption, everything around the nation is getting worse.

During this time, on 19th December, Smriti Irani, posted on her Twitter handle, and openly called Congress for a public debate. Smriti Irani mentioned, “Ek kaam karo @SaralPatel name a time and place for a public debate… between Wayand and Amethi MP on any issue related to the country. I’ll be there. Aur Wayand MP is allowed to bring written notes.”

In such a situation, where India is in danger in all kinds of matter, Minister of Textiles, is looking for debates, when the government should work on resolving the problems of the country and improving the situation.

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