Pathetic Security Check: A women was asked to remove pads during her periods

Rules and regulations are important but not to an extent that it hurt someone’s personal emotions. Recently, during passenger security check at Orlando airport in US. A girl name Zainab Merchant, whose name has been unfortunately shortlisted in Terrorist Screening Database (TSD) was forced to undergo full body security check.

Security personnel’s checked her body thoroughly and then asked her to remove her bra, undergarments, and sanitary pad in search of any suspicion object. Just try to imagine yourself in the condition Zainab went through like you are going to take a flight and then security personnel’s escort you for a thorough check.

“I was humiliated and even thought i should melt like a putting due to fear of facing this world again after going through such discriminatory security check-up. Irrespective of discrimination, i’ll continue to fly and will perform my tasks. So that out there people like me who has been put under Terrorism Screening Database (TSD) should also come out and fight for equality,” Zainab said during an interview.

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