The supermodel shows off armpit hair to embrace Feminism

Emily Ratajkowski
The supermodel shows off armpit hair to embrace Feminism

Recently a supermodel and actress Emily Ratajkowski have stopped grooming her armpit hair in support of her essay on women empowerment. In her essay, the actress showcases that the women must be treated with dignity and respect regardless of what the wear and their body hair.

The essay is published for the September edition of “Harper Bazaar” with her photoshoot in a black lace bra showing her armpit hair. This photo has collected over 1.7 million likes and she is applauded for her decision with comments appreciating her. She has posted her photo with a caption “Give women the opportunity to be whatever they want and as multifaceted they can be”.

She likes shaving her hair but sometimes she feels sexy growing them. Women are judged and criticised for what they present to society. She is praised for breaking the dogma of our society for freedom of an individual and choice and fully express their beauty.

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