Social Media is all set with for laughs for Memes, video as liquor shops open

After staying shut for the 40-day lockdown to slow the spread of the novel coronavirus, alcohol shops across states that met the government’s conditions began opening their shutters Monday. On social media, people from across the country shared photos and videos of the long queues that were visible outside these stores, not always with adequate physical distancing.

As this Explained piece pointed out, the sale of liquor is part of the overall opening of economic activity that the government is attempting in the third phase of the lockdown, and is expected to earn states much-needed revenue.

After select stores opened across states, videos and photos emerged of the long queues outside them:

After these videos the social media could not stop from creating jokes on this and t got better and better.

After the opening of all the liquor shop in the green zone, with immense crowd, the government has to ask them to shut down all the alcohol shops. And only allow the opening of necessary product.

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