Is seeking personal opinion, will lead you to be banned from public services? – #BoycottIndigo

Recently a video of comedian Kunal Kamra asking a question from senior journalist Arnab Goswami surfaced on social networking sites and went viral. As soon as the video surfaced online people of different opinions started expressing their opinion. Arnab’s fascist supporters started trending Kunal Kamra and opinionated to ban Kamra from Indigo flights.

The video that went viral was shoot in Indigo 6E5317 flight, flying from Delhi to Lucknow. As a result, Indigo banned Kunal Kamra for 6 months from their services.

Post after getting banned from Indigo flight, Air India also banned him. To his response, he wrote, “Today I met Arnab Goswami in a flight to Lucknow (6E5317), and politely asked him to have a conversation. At first, he pretended to be on a phone call. I waited for his so-called phone call to get over. Seat belt signs were off at this time. I gave him a monologue about what I felt about his “Journalism”. He refused to answer any question, he called me ‘mentally unstable’. The stewardess asked me to take my seat as the seatbelt sign has just come on.
Post takeoff, when the seatbelt signs were off again, he approached him again and asked him if I could have his attention.
He said he was watching something, he doesn’t want to talk. So then I did exactly what Republic TV journalists do to people in their private/public spaces, and I didn’t regret it. I’m not sorry for it.
The moment stewardess asked me to move, i went back to my seat in 20 seconds. I apologies to each crew member personally and to both the pilots, he staying back till the end, for any inconvenience that I might have caused during the flight.
I don’t think I did anything wrong/criminal. Don’t let this be about my bravado. Let us all take a moment and fondly remember a smiling Rohit Vemula.
I do apologies to every passenger except one.”

Kunal Kamra Open letter

Watch the video that has created internet sensation:

If a flight inconvenience can lead you to a ban of six months then why BJP MP Pragya Singh Thakur is not banned from taking flights? A month ago she was captured illtreating the flight crew and due to her flight was delayed by 45 minutes.

BJP MP #SadhviPragya occupying the flight seat in coercive manner.

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Have a look over the #byocottIndigo trend on twitter:

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