Coronavirus Terror: School will remain close till 13th of March (Noida)

A huge and shocking statement by the principal of Shiv Nadar School Shashi Banerjee that the school will remain close till 13th of March. He asked students to not go to crowd places. Banerjee’s statement comes after the school remain close today over the threat of coronavirus.

The Principal informed the parents that the school has been close as they have to sanitise the school and need to remove the further scope of infection. Shashi Banerjee stated that the school has been fumigated according to WHO advisory, the school and support have been brief and sensitized, hand sanitizers are being available in all the rooms, public areas and buses, all events have been cancelled and isolated children or adult displaying symptoms of cold, cough and fever.

“While there is no need to panic, we would advise that we stay and take precautions,” stated the shiv nadar school principal.

In a message sent to the parents, Shriram Millennium School Uttara Singh said, “In the wake of the recent outbreak of virus and flu we request you to not send your child to school if they have cough, cold and fever. We don’t infections to spread and the best way is precaution. Please do not send them for any test or exams either as it will not be allowed. Children found suffering from any symptoms of flu will be sent back home immediately.”

The Child of the Delhi coronavirus patient attends Shriram Millennium School and they have also attended a birthday party on Friday. Later that day, the individual was detected with coronavirus. Health Ministry personnel are in touch with the individuals who came in contact with the patient.

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