Bois Locker Room: A 14 year old of Gurgaon killed himself.

In a tragic incident has been reported in Gurugram, where a 14-year-old boy committed suicide on late Monday for a shocking reason.

According to police, the minor boy killed himself after being accused by a girl of molestation on social media

This shocking news has come amid the outrage triggered over the Bois Locker Room row where several schoolboys ostensibly discussed sexual violence.

Police said that the teenage boy killed himself by jumping off his building’s 11th floor, hours after the girl mentioned his name in a “MeeToo” post on Instagram. This incident also reported on the day when the “Bois Locker Room” controversy went viral.

However, no suicide note was recovered from his house but a message retrieved from his phone showed that his friends have warned him about the police interrogation, a police officer told HT.
In a post, the girl mentioned that she was attacked two years ago and was tired of keeping it a secret. She also named the 14-year-old boy in her post and also alleged that the incident took place in the basement of her apartment.

After the incident, the police rushed to the spot and found the boy in a pool of blood. He was rushed to the hospital where doctors declared him dead.

According to police officers, they will question students, including the girl who posted the note on the gram and also those who commented on it.

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