Shocking: A family of cockroach found inside a man’s ear: Learn More

A man name Mr. Lv has been diagnosed with an ear full of cockroaches. “I was having a huge amount of pain and irritation in my ears like something was continuously crawling and hurting his ears leading to severe headaches”, said Mr. Lv.

Mr. Lv said, I woke up at night because of sharp pain in his right ear and asked his family members to shine a light in his ear to see what was causing it. According to Fox News, shining a torch near his ear revealed a large cockroach inside.

Mr. Lv went to Sanhe hospital in the city of Huizhou, where doctors treated his ear and declared it one of a kind medical treatment where they treated a man with dozens of cockroaches inside his ear.

Mr. Lv’s ear has been cured and the main reason behind this accident has been identified as his carelessness because he himself admitted that he use to throw unfished chips and snacks packets near-bed that leads to an informal invitation to insects and cockroaches to come and entre his ear.

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