These 10 Hollywood And Bollywood Female Celebs Don’t Wear Bra

Isn’t it cool if every lady wants to be anti–bra? Actually, no women love to wear these tight cup-shaped bras who over control till we get back to home and take off bras and get relief. As women, it takes a certain confidence to be able to leave the house without a bra. It’s terrific walking on the roads without wearing a bra but it’s not awkward for the celebrities who don’t wear a bra and walk on the red carpet without any fear. It’s admirable when women have the courage to go anti-bra!

Here are some famous females celebs who really don’t care what anyone has to say about their bra-less choices. These brave women are free to leave the house without a bra, even knowing that they probably can be on the picture of paparazzi, but these stars do not care about the public opinion.

1) Anushka Sharma:

2) Sonam Kapoor

3) Kareena Kapoor

4) Kangana Ranaut

5) Deepika Padukone

And here are some Hollywood stars:

6) Rihanna

7) Kylie Jenner

8) Kim Kardashian

9) Selena Gomez

10) Miranda Kerr

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