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Kangana Ranaut’s old remark against Uddhav Thackeray goes viral amid Maharashtra political crisis

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June 23, 2022 (New Delhi): There is a saying, ‘Man is not strong, time is strong’, which means time is strong because no one knows what is hidden in the womb of the future, so power should not be used unnecessarily. Some similar sayings are being said at this time in Maharashtra, which has a political crisis in the background of the Uddhav government.

The government of Mahavikas Aghadi is in danger. CM Uddhav Thackeray has gone to his home after vacating the Chief Minister’s official residence Varsha. CM’s son Aditya Thackeray has already removed the word minister from his Twitter bio. The situation is such that the existence of Shiv Sena itself is in crisis. All the bets of Sanjay Raut and Uddhav have failed. Now, apart from the ongoing political speculation about what Shiv Sena rebel Eknath Shinde will take, an old video of Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut is going viral in which she accused Uddhav Thackeray of being crushed in the pride of power.

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It is worth noting that Kangana Ranaut’s office was demolished by BMC in the year 2020. Kangana Ranaut then challenged Uddhav Thackeray. Today when the clouds of crisis are hovering over the Shiv Sena government. In such a situation, there are reports that Uddhav Thackeray may resign. Let us tell you that Kangana had predicted two years ago in 2020 that Uddhav Thackeray’s ego would be broken. Kangana had said- ‘Uddhav Thackeray, why do you think you have taken revenge on me? Today my house is broken, tomorrow your pride will be broken.’

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In fact, then the BMC took action on a part of Kangana’s bungalow, calling it illegal. The matter reached the Bombay High Court. Who later said in strong words during the hearing that the BMC officer had done a malicious act in demolishing the part of Kangana Ranaut’s bungalow. Reacting to the court’s decision, Kangana Ranaut wrote in a tweet that “When a person stands up against the government and wins, it is not the victory of the individual but the victory of democracy.”

By line: Divya Thearia

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