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Bigg Boss 12: Is That Mobile Phone In Sreesanth’s Hand inside BB 12 House

We all know that the contestants who enter Bigg Boss every year are banned from using mobile phones inside the house as they are cut-off from the outside world for the whole 105 days of stay.

Despite this strict rule, the pictures and videos from every season surface on social media when the fans spot a cellphone-looking device spotted on one of the contestants and this year in BB 12 that contestant is Sreesanth.

Former cricketer S.Sreesanth is already making waves with his major showdown with the Khan sisters Saba Khan and Somi Khan post which he even took away his mic and pleaded Bigg Boss to open the door letting him out of the house.

Now a video has surfaced on social media that’s put everyone in shock since Sreesanth is seen with something in his hand in the dark of night which looks like a mobile phone.

While the lights are off, Sreesanth sitting in his bed, is seen scrolling on the cellphone-looking device trying to hide in behind the blanket.

This happened back in Bigg Boss 8 too when Karishma Tanna was spotted with a similar looking device put in her back pocket of her jeans and also a charger was caught in cameras inside the smoking area. Later however it was revealed that this was all for a task.

Take a look at the video below and tell us what you think of it?

So, is Sreesanth also given a task that involves using the mobile phone(scorlling through) or it that his personal phone? This is yet to be revealed.

This sure would be shocking if no such task is show in the upcoming episodes.

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