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Verocious society shapes the reality of Vanu: she killed her life.

Recently, a heart-wrenching incident occurred in Rajasthan, where married women (Vanu Devi-52 years old)committed suicide after killing her five daughters, namely Mamta, Neena, Hansa, and Hemlata. The name of the fifth daughter has not yet been revealed. She threw her five children into the water tank and later on, she killed herself by jumping into that water tank.

The incident occurred in Chouhatan police station area in Barmer district(Jaisalmer) on Wednesday. A source told NLC, that the women were suffering from low on dignity and low self-esteem, after giving birth to five daughters, as she was entangled in the zone of inhumane domestic violence and was considered a “down-status’, women by the society.

Their bodies have been recovered by the police administration there. A woman killed 5 women and committed suicide, only because she was made to feel inferior for not giving birth to a male. An enormous question mark would remark its essence on the fact that the opinion of society was enforced to become the reality of an innocent woman.

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