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The countdown begins! 4 Signs Shawn Mendes is releasing a New Album very Soon

Shawn Mendes fans might still be jamming out to his self-titled album, but it seems like he’s already getting ready to drop some new tracks soon. Fans might hear some new songs pretty quickly, as he continues on his self-titled world tour. Shawn seems to prepare to share some new tunes, fans are trying to piece together all his recent hints that he’s being releasing about his next big hit.

Here are all the clues that Shawn Mendes is announcing some new music soon… He already dropped a new promo. While Shawn didn’t make an appearance at the 2019 Billboard Music Awards, fans were going crazy over his big announcement during the show when he posted a new promo video for his track, “If I Can’t Have You.”

Fans don’t have to wait long for shawn’s upcoming track. The song is set to be released on May 3 and he’s already dropped some surprise Merck for the new single, he is performing on Saturday Night Live. It won’t be the first time that Shawn will be performing on the live comedy sketch show.

However, usually artists are invited after a brand new release. Since he is performing the night after his new single, hopefully it means that he’ll also be making an album announcement on there too. He’s posting photos from the studio. Shawn has been hitting up the studio often and he hasn’t been hiding it. His long-time collaborator, Teddy Geiger, posted a photo of Shawn and another collaborator working together on a new track. The track was recorded right before he headed off on his world tour, so he’s been working on it for a while.

It hasn’t been confirmed if he’s been working on other tracks as well, but it wouldn’t be surprising if he has more songs up his sleeve. He’s been teasing some collaborations. Fans have been hoping for another collaboration between Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes since they released their hit duet, “I Know What You Did Last Summer.”

Since then, the two pop stars have become close BFFs and have been very supportive of each other’s projects. After performing at the 2019 Grammy Awards, many fans have also been hoping for a collab with Miley Cyrus. The two of them performed together at the Dolly Parton tribute a couple nights before and sang “In My Blood” together at the awards show. The two of them have been getting close ever since and they seem to be wanting to work together, so it would definitely make sense if they release a track soon.

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