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Amazing: A 53 years old tumour patient played violin through out her surgery – Know How

Dagmar Turner, a 53 years old management consultant and a violinist in the Isle of Wight. She loves to play violin since she was 10 years old. She has very deep knowledge about violin. When she play violin,the atmosphere  get automatically changed.

She has tumour in her brain. She worried about tumour then she decided to go for its treatment at King’s College Hospital. She met with doctor they suggested her for the surgery  But She thinks that she may lose all her all the skills to play violin during operation of tumour then she decided that she will play violin during her surgery.

Professor Keyoumars Ashkan, a consultant neurosurgeon came up with a plan to reduce the risk of surgery. He allowed her to play violin during surgery so tumour can be easily removed. They managed to remove 90% of her tumour without fail. Professor said that it was my first time I had a patient with playing violin.

Dagmar Turner felt very happy on her successful surgery. She thanked the surgeon that you preserve my 40 years of love to play violin. She ended with saying “Violin is my passion”. I have been playing it from last 40 years. The thought of losing the ability to play violin was heartbroken.

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