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Interesting Facts: World’s tiniest baby boy born in Japan weighing 268 grams only

Interesting Facts: World’s tiniest baby boy born in Japan weighing 268 grams only

World’s tiniest boy was born in Japan in the month of August when his weight did not increased at 24 weeks gestation. Doctors feared of his life and the baby was born through an emergency cesarean section, Keio University in Tokyo gave the reports.

At birth, baby weighed just 268 grams and was named “smallest boy” in the world. In this period of five and a half months, with intense care, the baby boy have been released from the hospital after growing to a weight of 3,238 grams.

“I want people to know that babies can return home vigorous even if they are born small”, Takeshi Arimitsu who treated the baby quoted this at university’s hospital.

The boy was so small at birth that he could fit in a pair of hands. He grew steadily and was able to be breastfed after doctors managed his breathing and nutrition.

According to the report, the boy left the hospital last Wednesday and weighed 3,238 while discharging. Previous record holder was born in Germany in 2009 which weighed 274 grams. And the smallest girl was born, also in Germany, in 2015 weighed 252 grams.

Medically, babies born weighing below 1,000 grams are likely suffer heart failure, have difficulty in breathing or in some cases the babies might develop infectious diseases due to their underdeveloped organs.

According to Tiniest Baby Website, there have been only 23 babies worldwide who have survived even after weighing under 300 grams, out of these 23, four were boys.

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