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Why bodyguards carry Vladimir Putin’s poop and urine in a special suitcase?

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June 15, 2022 (New Delhi): Russian President Vladimir Putin is often on a foreign tour. They also have special bodyguards with them, this is common, but the surprising thing is that when President Putin is on any foreign tour, his bodyguard collects his urine in a suitcase. It is kept inside the suitcase until the President reaches his country Russia.

This information has been received from a foreign media AFP report. According to the report, according to the report, it is the duty of the bodyguard to take care of the health of the President and fulfill his needs.

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In fact, during the Russia-Ukraine war, various speculations were made about the health of President Putin. In many reports, Putin was said to be suffering from cancer and in many reports he was claimed to have a mental illness. There have been several reports of Putin suffering from dementia and even Parkinson’s disease.

According to the report, this work of Putin’s bodyguard has a special purpose. Putin does this so that the problems related to his health can not come in front of the world, because he fears that leaving urine behind can bring many problems related to his health in front of the world.

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Here, journalist Regis Jante has also disclosed this in the French news magazine Paris Match. He wrote in his magazine that agents of the Federal Protective Service are there to collect the president’s urine and they send it back to Russia in special bags.

Russian security agencies are very cautious about Putin’s health. The agency examines their stool. Through this, it is ascertained whether they have any serious disease or not. During this, care is also taken that no other country should come to know about his illness. Journalist Regis Jante claimed that he came to know about this in 2019, when Putin visited Saudi Arabia. Apart from this, when he went to France, his bodyguards used to accompany him to the bathroom.

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Regis Jante, who wrote two books on Russia, pointed out that there are two instances in which Putin’s urine was collected by security agencies. The first instance was seen during a visit to France in 2017 and the second instance during a visit to Saudi Arabia in 2019. According to one theory, wherever Putin goes, he is accompanied by a small portable toilet, in which his urine is collected.

Once the statement of actress Julia Louis also came on these things related to Putin. Julia told in The Late Show with Stephen Colbert in 2020 that when she went to a museum in Austria, the guide she found there told that she had once visited President Putin as well and during that time she came to know How when Putin came to that museum, the museum administration had to set up a private toilet.

Putin was seen walking to the bathroom with six bodyguards during the Ukraine Summit in Paris in 2019. Five of them were responsible for the security around them, while another bodyguard went inside as soon as they left the bathroom. A former journalist told that Putin has kept his toilet with him since he came to power. When Putin arrived at a museum in Vienna, staff said he had come with his portable toilet.

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