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Why Bihari Is A Compliment Not Comment?

Edited By: Aashish Vashistha

Picture Credit: Getty Images

March 22, 2022 (New Delhi): It is 110th Bihar Diwas today, the three days celebration which is a centre of attraction for rest of the country. People from Bihar are famous for their uniqueness but still there are unsaid hardships which only a ‘Bihari’ knows. The most common comment is “Are you a Bihari, but you don’t look like one!” This statement almost left a person to spill that, How people expect ‘Bihari to Look like?

We often talk about the discrimination North East Indian faces but when we talk about the indifference which a Bihari goes through in different part of the country is taken very lightly and jokingly. Here are most used comments that every Bihari hears in other states of the country.

However, these judgements which others often make about people from Bihar is not just situated to language but also about the lifestyle they often face terrible comment on their way of dressing and eating habit. Still being called Bihari is a pride not a slang. For the beautiful history Bihar holds records which still yells the glory of it, may it be the bravery of Ashoka or Intelligence of Aryabhata, the beauty of Vaishali or the struggle of Champaran, it always motivates the youth of Bihar to take the word ‘Bihari’ as a ‘compliment’ and not ‘comment’.

Written By: Manshi Singh

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