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No Fear No Favour

What’s up with the obsession of faking a perfect life on social media?

Byline By- Nitisha Nagpal

Whether it is the influencers or regular people on Instagram, everybody loves to flex. To get more likes or just share experiences we love posting on social media. But the question here is that should people engage in toxic traits just to get more clicks? Is this the new normal?

We already know the spilled tea about multiple influencers who are caught lying on social media and of course getting caught and trolled. Eyeing these tricks for those extra like and shares every other random person has started to indulge in obvious photoshops or facetunes. It is like a trend or slowly becoming the necessary step before uploading to the gram.

We are not here to school anyone on this, but we suggest that if you are famous on these sites do realise that silly photoshops might create perfection that does not exist. The followers are not just numbers but real people who look up to to people for inspiration.

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