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U.P CM Yogi Adityanath to break the great ‘Noida jinx’, will visit city to inaugurate metro line

Gautam Budh Nagar, which consist of 5 Legislative Assembly, an area which falls under the National Capital Region, which has an approximate 20 lac voter turn-out, an IT city, a hub of all the major print and news channels, home to over a dozens of Universities and still it’s been treated, mainly by the politicians, as the third class city, as no politician is ready to visit the city for its ‘jinx’ surrounding the city.

From the late ‘80s, when N D Tiwari and Veer Bahadur Singh were voted out within a month of their entering Noida, the ‘Noida jinx’ since then it refuses to get down from the minds of politicians.

Breaking the same ‘Noida jinx’, the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh Yogi Adityanath will be visiting the city to inaugurate Noida-Kalkaji Metro line.

The ‘Noida jinx’, which has scared most of the top bosses from visiting the flourished city near Delhi for nearly three decades is seen some hope by the very same people sitting at the power seat. From 2011, Ms Mayawati was the only CM to have ventured to Noida in 2011 when she flew in from Lucknow in a chopper to inaugurate a Rs 685 crore memorial park.

She lost the next assembly elections and her successor, Akhilesh Yadav, otherwise considered to be a tech-savvy politician, gave in to the superstition that has survived in Uttar Pradesh’s politics for decades: That a Chief Minister who visits Noida can write off returning to power. Mr Yadav didn’t but still lost in this year’s elections that swept the BJP to power with a landslide win.

But the monk-politician had dropped enough hints that he wouldn’t let the superstition stand in the way when he declared his intention to travel to each of the 75 districts to review the law and order situation. Noida wasn’t on the top of his list and the Chief Minister is said to have ticked most of the other districts.

The BJP said this was proof that the Chief Minister wasn’t such a superstitious person.

“While the Chief Minister was a deeply religious man he did not subscribe to superstitions, and he was only inspired by development and welfare of the people of Uttar Pradesh,” BJP spokesman Chandramohan said.

In 2002, Rajnath Singh, as Chief Minister, inaugurated a flyover linking Noida and Delhi – but ensured that he stayed on Delhi’s side of the border.

Akhilesh Yadav, who was determined not to repeat Ms Mayawati’s mistake, had even skipped two mega-events in the town including the foundation stone of a Delhi-Meerut Expressway that was attended by PM Narendra Modi. Mr Yadav, asked why he avoided travelling to Noida, had promised to make the visit after his re-election in the assembly election,

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