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To fight air-pollution, China builds 328-feet tall air-purifier; and it’s working

In an attempt to combat air pollution, China has constructed an experimental air purifying tower, touted to be the world’s biggest at a height of over 100 meters (328 feet).

According to the Lancet report, air pollution in China killed about 1.8 million people. China has built a 100 metre high, nearly 328 feet tall air purifier, touted to be world’s largest, to fight the deadly pollution in the country.

The world’s largest air purifier tower is built in Xian in Shaanxi province of northern China.

According to preliminary results, the pollution and smog have already decreased in the area with an improvement in the air quality.

“Polluted air is sucked into the glasshouses and heated up by solar energy. The hot air then rises through the tower and passes through multiple layers of cleaning filters”, reads a South China Mornign Post report.

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