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“Delhi Police Debunks Rumors of ‘Vada Pav Girl’ Chandrika Dixit’s Arrest”

Chandrika Dixit, widely recognized as the ‘vada pav’ girl, has been operating a food stall in the Mangolpuri locality of outer Delhi, according to officials.

Recently, Dixit shared a video depicting a confrontation between herself and local residents while organizing a community feast near her stall.

The event resulted in a significant gathering around her stall, causing disruptions to traffic flow in the area, prompting complaints from nearby residents.

In response to the complaints, a police team intervened and escorted Dixit to the police station.

Authorities clarified that while Dixit was detained temporarily due to the crowd gathering and the traffic disruption, she was neither formally arrested nor charged with any offense.

The police emphasized that no legal case was registered against the vada pav seller.

This incident underscores the challenges faced by street vendors like Dixit, who often navigate complex regulatory environments while operating their businesses in densely populated urban areas.

Author:- Apoorva Arora

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