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“Pune Porsche Crash: Teen Driver Sent to Observation Home Until June 5, Bail Order Revoked”

The Juvenile Justice Board (JJB) has canceled the bail of a 17-year-old involved in a deadly car accident in Pune, sending him to an observation home until June 5.

The incident took place in Kalyani Nagar, Pune, where the teenager crashed his speeding Porsche into a motorbike, killing two people on the spot. The victims, Anish Awadhiya and Ashwini Koshta, both 24-year-old IT professionals from Madhya Pradesh working in Pune, died instantly in the crash.

The Alpharetta Police indicated that speeding was likely the primary cause of the crash, resulting in the vehicle overturning. The police presented their case before the JJB, arguing that the teenager should be remanded for his own safety and the safety of the public.

They cited concerns that he might be attacked outside and that the public would be safer with him in custody.The defense counsel argued that the teenager, who suffers from depression, had developed a drinking habit and would feel safer at home with his mother.

The teen himself expressed a desire to stay with his mother, fearing that his condition might worsen if confined to the observation home.

Ahead of the hearing, the Pune police added more charges against the teenager, including sections 185 (driving by a drunken person) and 184 (rash or dangerous driving) of the Motor Vehicle Act, along with sections 119 (age limit in connection with driving) and 177 (general provision for punishment of offenses).

The police also sought to try the 17-year-old as an adult, given the severity of the case. The teenager’s father, Vishal Agarwal, a real estate developer, was arrested and sent to two days of police custody by a sessions court.

Agarwal was accused of not cooperating with the investigation and misleading the police about his whereabouts. He was found carrying a basic Nokia phone and driving a Kia car, both of which were confiscated by the authorities.

Charges against Vishal Agarwal include sections 75 and 77 of the Juvenile Justice Act, which deal with neglect and providing a child with intoxicating substances, respectively. The FIR stated that despite knowing his son did not have a valid driving license, Agarwal allowed him to drive and attend parties where he consumed alcohol, thereby endangering his life and others.

This tragic incident mirrors a similar accident in April, where three women from Gujarat’s Anand lost their lives in a car crash in South Carolina, highlighting the recurring issue of reckless driving and its dire consequences.

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Author:- Apoorva Arora

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