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Pornhub is giving Free premium access to cities with X-rated names

Disclaimer: NLC DO NOT support or promote child pornography or sex without consent.

Now, that you are here chances are that you want a free premium access by the world’s leading porn website – Pornhub. And guess what? An Indian city from Tamil Nadu is also in the race for the free premium access.

The only criteria that drawn down for the few chosen ones were to select towns with double-meaning, pun-intended names, that will set bells ringing and set alarm bells in the minds of whoever gets to hear it. And if you’re one of the lucky few, you can also get access to premium services by the giant. The only condition being is that you should be living in one such city. This is karma, right on to your face waving at you.

The information is shared by the site on their official Twitter
account by a 2 minutes long promotional video which is captioned as:

“Do you live in Lower Dicker? If you live in one of those special towns that formerly made you embarrassed to state your location, fret not. They are now part of “Premium Places” and you get FREE access to Pornhub Premium because you deserve it!” Cumbum town in Tamil Nadu is one of these “premium places”.

According to a report by RT, Hairy Hill and Dildo in Canada, French Lick in the US, Penistone, UK and Gay, Russia, are some of the 50 “blessed” destinations that Pornhub has pinned on a map on its website. Applaud pour in soon Pornhub announces the scheme:

Think your city also stands a chance to be shortlisted? Let us know in the comment section below.

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