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Mukesh Khanna Doubts Ranveer Singh’s Fit as Shaktimaan: ‘A Person With Such Kind of Image Can Never…

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Is Shaktimaan’s replacement Ranveer Singh? Following Mukesh Khanna’s announcement that he will be producing a three-film series based on the superhero, the rumours began to circulate. Khanna is most known for portraying the show’s titular superhero. The actor has now responded to the reports in a lengthy Instagram post. “Pura social media mahinon se is rumour se bhara pada tha ki Ranveer karega Shaktimaan,” stated Mukesh Khanna. It is a lekar that Aur has come to know. Principally, chup raha. As soon as you see the Ranveer sign, you can’t help but smile. This is really quite kholana. And even now, it is impossible to imagine that Shaktimaan could have been any more different from this picture.

Khanna Stands Firm: Ranveer as Shaktimaan?

I’ve made my position known. Is it true that Aaga is dekhiye hota hai? There have been reports for the past few months that Ranveer Singh will play Shaktimaan. And the whole world was upset about it. I said nothing. However, I had to say something when the channels began to announce that Ranveer had signed. Furthermore, I have stated that a person with such an image can never become Shaktimaan, regardless of how well-known they are. I’ve made my position known. Let’s now examine what occurs next.

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In order to vent his disappointment, Mukesh Khanna also posted a video on his Bheeshm International YouTube page. “I have informed the producers that Spider-Man, Batman, and Captain Planet are not your competitors,” the actor stated. Shaktimaan has developed into a wonderful teacher in addition to being a superhero. Now, the actor who accepts the part needs to possess the ability to make people listen to him when he speaks. Large performers do appear, although their roles are largely supporting roles.

Movie Update Revealed

Mukesh Khanna provided an update on the upcoming Shaktimaan movie in June of last year. “The contract has been signed,” he had stated. Yes, that is a really good film. Sony Pictures, the company that produced Spider-Man, will produce a single picture at a cost of between ₹200 and ₹300 crore. Mukesh Khanna has declined to say on who would play Shaktimaan on screen even at that point. “All I can tell is that I am not expected to appear in Shaktimaan’s attire at this time. They don’t want any comparisons, therefore I must stop. However, the movie is almost here; in a short while, there will be a last reveal that will reveal the cast and director. It is being produced internationally because it merits it,” he continued.

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