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If you have been drinking tea in thermocol cups, read this before you drink next time

From morning’s first sip to day’s last drink, tea has special priorities among Indian masses. And when the major part of the day is spent away from the house, and when the body needs an energising drink, people tend to find the nearest tea stall to get that zeal back. And while you feel relaxed and rejuvenate while sipping your favourite drink, have you ever wondered what degrading effect that thermocol cup has on your health? Nope? Well, read on.

1. Drinking tea, coffee or other hot drinks in these cups, you might have a long-lasting effect on your body. It might also give you allergies.

2. If you think paper cups are immune to the same, think again. Studies found that these cups aren’t good for the health and transmit germs inside to the body.

3. Thermocols cups are covered with a thin layer of wax so as to avoid leakage of the liquid in any way. So, what happens is that this layer gets melted whenever hot liquid is poured into it and wax gets settled inside the body. This, in any way, isn’t good for human health.

4. Market is flooded with these cheap cups where not much of the concern is paid for the public health.

So, its advisable to drink tea, or any other hot drinks, in a ceramic cup or in a steel glass

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