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“I came across one conversation that broke my heart all over again,” Lauren Gottlieb shares her emotional Whatsapp chat with Sushant Singh Rajput

The conditions of the pandemic were already prevailing, this year was already giving the world, shock intervals and the time was being really tough on everyone when it just got tougher and the weight in the air got heavier, eerie and mentally unstable for everyone when sadly, the unbelievable and heartbreaking news of the Bollywood’s Rising Star Sushant Singh Rajput’s untimely demise went down. The actor died in his Bandra apartment who according to the reports committed suicide on June 14. The 34-year-old, Sushant Singh Rajput didn’t even leave any suicide note and the reports stated that he was suffering from depression and mental breakdown for the last 2 years and was on medication since last 6 months and his depression is stated to be the reason for his drastic step of committing suicide. Well, this is just not it, the Bollywood industry is badly hit with the news not only because of the shock of Sushant’s death but also because one of the big names of the industry is on the target list of the audience who accuses these famous faces of Bollywood of the death of the ‘M.S. Dhoni – The Untold Story’ movie actor.

This incidence is taking a toll on everyone’s mental health as it feels like a personal loss to them and with every passing day, it is getting very difficult for everyone to even process this shocking news in their systems. The internet and social media are all covered with the negativity, sadness, and hatred because of the revolutionary issues Sushant’s death has aroused.

People from the industry, Sushant’s friends, family, relatives, co-actors and fans, everyone is taking to social media to express their grief and pain through their words and some of them are even sharing their personal memories with Sushant Singh Rajput and everyone has similar things to tell about him that such a positive, energetic and passionate person he was, everyone used to love him and it is not at all easy for anyone to believe the news, as actually it is not for anyone of us.

Meanwhile, one of his friends and an actor-dancer Lauren Gottlieb took to her Instagram account and posted a heartfelt note for Sushant Singh Rajput today and she also shared few screenshots of a Whatsapp chat she had with Sushant four years back i.e. in 2016.

The caption to the post read, “Today, I finally brought myself to look at my WhatsApp messages with Sushant over the years. I came across one conversation that broke my heart all over again, as it was filled with so much love, kindness, and true support for one another’s dreams! I felt a deep connection with Sushant as we were both “outsiders” and I looked up to him tremendously! I wanted to share this chat we had to remind everyone to walk, talk, and treat EVERYONE with this great amount of LOVE and SUPPORT as HE shared!!! I’m seeing so much hate going around. I do not want to tell anyone how to grieve, my process this week looked pretty ugly, BUT I think one of the BEST ways to honor his legacy is to BE THE BRIGHT, BEAUTIFUL, LOVING LIGHT that he exuded each and every day. The world is a better place because of Sushant’s humble heart. Let’s keep sharing his magic and be kind to one another 💖.”

Lauren got very emotional while sharing the screenshots of this really beautiful and loving conversation with Sushant as they both really loved each other’s vibes and there was also the news that Sushant Singh Rajput was a fan of Lauren Gottlieb from when she was on ‘So You Think You Can Dance’.

Here is the post that Lauren shared on her Instagram account.

Earlier on the day when this heartbreaking broke out, also Lauren shared one such beautiful post on her Instagram account for Sushant Singh Rajput talking of the beautiful memories she developed with him.

Well, this is of course not at all easy for anyone to still believe this heartbreaking news as Sushant’s positivity and his vibes are still somewhere there in the air and will always remain intact. He will always be remembered for his talent, goodness, optimistic behavior, chivalry and not to mention, his smile.

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