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Elon Musk: SpaceX might keep funding satellite service in Ukraine

By: Divya Thearia

16 October 2022 (New Delhi): Elon Musk, the world’s richest man, has talked about continuing the satellite-based free internet service of his company Starlink in the war-torn country of Ukraine. Earlier, he had indicated that the internet service being provided by his company in Ukraine may come to a standstill. Elon Musk, the owner of companies such as Tesla and SpaceX, announced on Saturday that his company would continue to provide Starlink internet service in Ukraine.

Musk wrote on Twitter, “Starlink is still losing money and other companies are getting billions of taxpayer dollars. We will continue to fund the Ukrainian government for free.’ Musk said on Friday that SpaceX will not be able to release funds for Starlink’s Internet service in Ukraine indefinitely. The US military said that they are in discussion with Musk’s company regarding funding for the Internet service.

Starlink Internet Service for Ukraine

In the midst of Russia’s horrific attack on Ukraine, Starlink’s Internet service is essential for Ukrainian citizens at this time, so that they can stay in touch with the rest of the world and their relatives living outside. According to the information, Starlink uses 2000 satellites to provide internet access in areas where there is less access to the internet around the world. Let us tell you that SpaceX, a company run by Allen, operates ‘Starling’, which is a satellite internet service. Starlink provides internet service to more than 40 countries. SpaceX started launching the Starlink satellite in 2019. 

About 8 months ago, when the war between Russia and Ukraine started, Elon Musk started Starlink’s internet service there with the support of Ukraine’s military and President Zelensky. It is because of Musk’s Starlink that Ukraine is able to broadcast its situation to the whole world. If Musk refuses to provide this Internet service, then it could create more trouble for Ukraine.

Many cities in Ukraine were destroyed

It is said that President Putin, angry with the attack on the Russian-controlled Crimea Bridge, has destroyed many cities in Ukraine. Due to Russia’s missile attacks on Ukraine several times in the last week, the situation there has once again worsened. Ukraine’s electricity supplier company said on Saturday that a major power plant in Kyiv, the Ukrainian capital, suffered serious damage in a Russian missile attack. The company also said that the Russian military has tried to disrupt water and electricity supply in densely populated areas. Earlier, Putin said on Friday that there was no need at the moment for Russia’s massive attacks on Ukraine on Monday. He said that the Russian army is selectively attacking already selected targets.

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